I Diggidy - Bella Italiana (текст песни)

I Diggidy - Bella Italiana (текст песни)

Does he make you laugh?
He doesnt make me cry

Close, the smell of her perfume is gone
Affair that we used to share is still on
Silent, shes the canary in a cage
And as i open it - shes flying away
Five days on end, not a call
Sunday she phone me to find my fault
In being frustrated and having nightmares
Five days on end and im like yeah
Meet you at 7 pm at bacara cafe
And dont be late i aint gonna wait in vain
I took the glass said sip with me
It aint love - shes only here to sleep with me

How u doing? Whiskey? One whiskey
What are you doing here?
Im out.
Youre out?
Of prison

None of my homies know that i have this one
Who coulda thought that you spent a night in a slumb?
You want me to hitcha because you got that itch
The image of a princess camouflages a bitch
She likes when im cussin, raw touches
You say you keep a secret, yeah i trust this
You want to have a thug cus you never had a man
Money and good pussy is a fatal attraction for men
I got a couple of house and thats cool with her
I do not show a sign, she doesnt do it either
Until one day she shown sympathy
I looked her up & down said sleep with me

I gotta make this quick, i came here for you.
When i get on with my life i want you with me
Youre a thief and a liar
I only lied about being a thief and i dont do that anymore
Steal? Lie

Whisper, give me a passionate on the lips
We aint talking about marige and having kids
Lips is sealed, never say whats on your mind
It is the best policy living the life o crime
Cus the gutter way was the only way a brother knew
Plenty o war stories to bother my boo
But one day one of her friends saw us in the streets
And recognized i mugged one o those he was rollin with
He used to be her boy, he was a sissey tho
He told her parents instead of havin it physical
It was a shock, they locked my baby up
And hired a couple of eyes to follow me to my block
They took me down in my apartment
I was departing in the backseat of a cherry cherry top man
I wonder will i ever see her again
Its a long time doing three in a state pen

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