I Diggidy - Gold & Ice (текст песни)

I Diggidy - Gold & Ice (текст песни)

This is the "why" point two
From the other side of the earth it comes
Jadakiss respect man
Moscow stand up!

This is the why point two i aint tryna point fingers
Why is the industry cats a bunch of fake kingpins
They whole expirience fictitious,
Why they xe-rox their rhymes why do i paint pictures?
Why im fucking these hoes without any protection
Knowin theese type of bitches got all kinds of infections
In them why they deceving why the leaders misleadin
Why we turnin the other cheek instead of getting even
With them why the russian government is killing the people
March 29 attacks in moscow were lethal
Why is the truth undercover?
Why cant i hold my tongue about it while i be in the booth brother?
Why do you rap if it dont pay your bills?
Why is my friends in the pen for deals ?
Why my rhymes that real?
Why the tv has that much gore?
And why political office holders never dying in wars?

Google march 29 terrorist attacks in Moscow
See what they doing to us
I Diggidy
2 thousand and ten

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