I Diggidy - Moving only forward (текст песни)

I Diggidy - Moving only forward (текст песни)

Im ready for it,
Its like that

Man I was born to do it, street vocabulary fluent
COMING THRU YA BLOCK turning every building INTO A RUIN
Commitin murder on the government scale
Those who witness the shit TURN PALE,
Hungry for more (UGH)
Headed to the downtown plaza
The mayor is hidin his lil KIDS IN THE CLOSET
They sendin helicopters I shoot them down
I have the whole town as my STOMPING GROUNDS, what?
I bully internationally, REPPIN MY SET
Bringin the aura of where im from TO WHERE IM AT
Gotcha tuckin ya chain, runnin in fear
My actions shift the alert level TO SEVERE

Im ready for it, MOVING ONLY FORWARD
Its i to the diggidy diggidy d cant ignore it ugh
Im ready for it, MOVING ONLY FORWARD
Its i to the diggidy diggidy d

I brake prisoners, out of the CORRECTIONAL FACILITIES
N now my army deeper we COMBINE OUR ABILITUES
We took control over the NUCLEAR PLANTS
While the national guards ran off SHITTIN THEY PANTS
Mi-li-ta-ray supply depots
Been robbed of all the guns PLENTY DEAD PO-POS
In the streets rot smelly rats EAT THEY FLESH
Most of the citizens have been relocated TO THE BOMBSHELLS
Motherfuck the corporations they gone
My ruffnecks buried the FAT KING UNDER HIS THRONE
N if i call your name your celly is outta coverage

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