I Diggidy – Once Upon a Time (текст песни)

I Diggidy – Once Upon a Time (текст песни)

Once upon a time at the ocean cost
Where the sun is shiny, where the poison grows
Where the law is blind if your ties r tight
N nobody seen nuttin like it was night
Golden crucified god chain under his shirt
One of the best in the game when it came 2 dirt
In the land o Chilie going by the name o Cecillio
A generous man 2 be playin wit some silly hoes
A rich man 4 them seiorittas in bikini
Santiago city, spendin money puffin cheeba sippin heny
A semi-automatic chrome,
Playin chess with his padre when he's at home

2 men livin hard up a son and a father
She chose wealth so he felt that he never loved her
Cecillio, was a boy of eight,
His poppa was dealin dope and his currency was weight
At the age of 16 father bought him a gun
But the son smiled: pop I already got one
The partners of padre were cool with the kid
Patronized him as the young was raising his bid
An appointment, a bargain, a business, a market
Garage full o cars, bodyguards in apartments

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