I Diggidy - Year Of Rat (текст песни)

I Diggidy - Year Of Rat (текст песни)

Yo expirience life as I know it, ugh, step in my shoes

I wake up to alarm in the morning
Today Im into makin moves ayyo Im all in
My break is fast n what is more its poor
I eat it as i listen to Cormega n Im out the door
I catch a bus jump a turnstile take a seat
In the back o the bus the cuts in the breakbeat
In my iriver as we pull up to the subway
I jump a turnstile again, hop a train
The underground is packed and the rats dwell the tunnels
Im out in the downtown peddeling the bundles
A 19 y.o. With my mind wrecked
I got the knack of telling a speed user from pot heads
The winter sun is bright but its not warm in it
Its cold in the streets so i freeze for a minute
Use it to recover my breath, aint nuttin left
For me but to keep on hustling

The ringtone on my celular is Nas
Switching sim cards for a dealer is a must
I get a call from one my girls uptown
I know we aint seen in a while but honey not now
Im headed north to the block where my poppa work
45 minutes on the train for the child support\
We have a chat tho we distant we still blood
Hes like u plan 2 have a job? Im like nah
I cop a burger at a fastfood
We call it mcfuck cus you know it aint good
Calories i dont count cus i stay fit
Sweating all day except for the time i sleep
Its half past five and i still got jobs to do
Take a min out to stop to look
At a cute face honey with her behinds enticing
And im going back to hustling

Im in a rat race thru the year of rat
Losing homeboys gave me the fear of death
I rush to my block cus its 8 o'clock
My partners cook speed i got weigh to cop, ugh
And so i try to catch a cab
But it seems like nobody wanna drive to where im living at
So i double the pay and jump in the front seat
Looking back at my day things that i dun did
Im at the place where they produce the product
Sum are in it cus they want it and im in it cuz i gotta
And plus the dope is a kind of a big hit
Cus getting used to it is real quick
There are a lot of newbies and a lot of the are frantic
About the do they bot to make its similar to epidemic
With a lotta rivals up in the biz
When the five oh catch em they usually turn snitch
This shit is usual type o shit on my block
Telling is in the air all around the clock
Shit get critical - none is to be trusted
Tomorrow i be back at hustling

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