I Diggidy feat. Tactic, K Harrell - ACAB (текст песни)

I Diggidy feat. Tactic, K Harrell - ACAB (текст песни) 

What do you think about the police round here?
The police they suck! Man fuck the police! On my life
Thank you very much for talking wiht us
Yo its i.d. strictly outta Russia from Moscow
Shit got really tense with the militia all around the block
You know what im saying? Listen up

Я не сторонник заговора деньги против рэпа
Моя жизнь кипит в гетто нк
Не радиуса МКАДа, Москва восток окраина
И моя фауна это лабиринты здании
Где обитают стаями опасные по факту особи
Кого судьба помяла и бросила на улицы
На произвол милиции и ёбаной власти
В чьи планы входит печатать таких как мы в карцер
Система сливает тех кто начал огрызаться
Но цепи здравого смысла могут порваться
В любой момент
И в этом городе каждый мент
Будет обречён на то что пацан со стволом
Придёт к нему в дом
И скажет ну чё мент облом прощайся с формой гондон

I see the motherfuckin police
And yeah i got my motherfuckin burner on me
And if you know me
You know i got at least a half of ounce of weed
Thats sum shit i just dont need
I hope he hit the lights and ride past me
I already know the questions he gon ask me
He just wanna slow me down and harass me
Thats just how it be, from moscow to the v
Petty dickheads thats what the pd mean to me
Wanna pull me over roll upon me 3 deep
Wanna seat me in the back seat
Cus you see i got gun charges on my rap sheet
I aint doing nuttin
Just like yall practicing handcuffing in halltime
Raise your right hand high testify just to lie
And what you gon do when we uprise and riot
Flip a few squad cars straight martial law
Send a few of your best recruits to the er
If you dont know it we a whole lot deeper than u think we are
I know you wanna grab me by my collar while im coming out the bar
On the late night
But its a ??? Man i know my rights
And if you want one you can get a fight
So you better get yor game plan tight
I got a mob of hungry motheruckers waiting for the word to strike
The first wave coming with rocks and pipes
And the second crew
Aint got nuttin but aks to pop at you
And the plead for peace from barak
Is all that could save you
You need to ease up on the police brutality
Before your own people betrayed you
Run the police department and dissary you
You cant say we aint warned you

Fuck a five oh copper aint no glitter in they badges
They pinoccio into my business with their freaking gadgets
They be sweating on my ass cus of the way the homie dressed
And my sweatpants give em a clue that im reppin lower class
I bear a grudge on every coward in uniform
The way they treat a youth in my neighborhood u aint knowin
You hangin on the corner they will cuff a homie up
Drive u a couple o blocks away and rough a homie up
And then they set a homie up as a peddler
Puttin product in his pocket man im gettin fed up
They run freely an officer is a big willie
Take your shit then sell it back to you do you feel me?
The cops in my country are called militia
But the poor all around the globe are in the same position
We tired of runnin cus in our nature we predators
Im bout to cop a beretta and go to war

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